Aviation Flight School and Pre-apprenticeship Program

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EXCEL Alaska’s Aviation program is a 3 pronged program. Students who are interested in becoming a pilot must attend EXCEL Alaska’s Intro to Aviation session. The Intro to Aviation session is open to grades 10-12. Students that show promise and are graduating seniors will be invited to apply for the Aviation Ground School held during Summer XL. Upon successful completion of the FAA written knowledge test (70% or higher) will be given the opportunity to enter EXCEL Alaska’s Aviation Flight School and pre-apprenticeship program. Once there, students will work towards obtaining enough flight hours to pass an FAA check ride and obtain their Private Pilot Certificate. While gaining flight hours, students will also participate in a paid internship.


  • Application
  • Cover letter
  • Resumé
  • Interview
  • Pass a drug-screening test
  • Complete Introduction to Aviation Session
  • Complete an Employability Skills Session